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In order to become an Expert and Specialist in Nevada worker's compensation law, the State Bar of Nevada requires attorneys who have the knowledge and background to apply.  The attorney must meet a tremendous amount of qualifications, take and pass an oral and written test, and meet special yearly requirements.  To view the may rigorous requirements set by the State Bar of Nevada, click here.

For Northern Nevada, we ask that you consider the following outstanding attorney who has successfully met all requirements and has been certified by the State Bar of Nevada as an Expert and Specialist in worker's compensation law.


Attorney:                                                     Joel A. Santos, Esq.

Certified Expert and Specialist by:           State Bar of Nevada

                                                                     Nevada Justice Association

Practicing workers comp law since:        1993

Year the State Bar allowed certification

     as an Expert and Specialist:                 2019

Mr. Santos has been certified since:        2019

Contact:                                                       (775) 323-1084


View Full Profile - Click here.

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